bathroom-renovation-in-burlingtonAre old fixtures, dated tiles, and a dysfunctional layout causing you to hate the very sight of your bathroom? Your bathroom should be a place of relaxation and escape not a room that makes you feel more stressed. Stop hating and start planning a bathroom renovation in Burlington or Oakville. Whether your bathroom renovation is an extensive one, needing a complete bathroom makeover, or your bathroom simply needs a little bit of sprucing up, the design and installation experts at Opal Baths & Design can help. A bathroom renovation in Burlington will make you love your bathroom again!

Even Small Bathrooms Can Be Amazing

Maybe it’s the size of your bathroom that’s getting you down? Size can be a challenge if adding more space on to your bathroom is not an option. But don’t despair! Even small bathrooms can be amazing! Often the problem is not actually the size of the bathroom itself but the layout of the fixtures. Toilets, sinks, and showers in the wrong places can reduce the functionality making the bathroom seem smaller or more cramped than it really is. Contact Opal Baths & Design to talk about your options for bathroom additions. Simply redesigning the layout of your current small bathroom may be all you need. Talk to us about