Bathroom Organization Tips

Bathroom organization ain’t easy! Do you find yourself wasting time looking for the aspirin in your medicine cabinet? Can’t seem to place where you left the cough syrup? Perhaps it’s time to organize your bathroom; here are some great tips on doing so.

Bathroom Organization for Your Shower

Many showers have shelves for holding shampoo and conditioners, but they can become dirty if the shelf doesn’t have holes for the water to run through. You can purchase a shelving unit for either the corner of your shower stall, or an organizer that hangs over the shower head.

Duplication is Unnecessary

When organizing your shower, it’s important to note what you use – and what you don’t. Each person should have one type of shampoo and conditioner (or even better, share the same type), and items that you only use once in a while can go into a basket under the sink.

No Lingering Over the Lingerie

At a loss as to where to hang your delicates? A shower curtain rod/towel bar combination will do the trick! Install the towel bar backward, which provides you hanging room behind the curtain; it’s also the perfect spot to hang that washcloth or towel after you use it.

Bathroom Vanities – Divide and Conquer the Drawers

Kitchen drawer organizers are the perfect solution to making the most of your makeup mess. Only keep the makeup and other items you use often on the top of the drawer; other special occasion items can be hidden underneath.

Master the Medicine Cabinet

The first rule to organizing your medicine cabinet – throw out what is expired. Expired medicines are not only ineffective, they can be dangerous as well. If you have a medicine in your cabinet that has no expiry date, but you can’t remember buying it, it’s better to be safe than sorry – throw it out as well.

Double Duty for Your Bathroom

Many, many items can be used for other things in your bathroom. For example, a ring clip is an excellent way to keep your hair bands in one place (keep in mind to only keep the ones that still have their shape) and a paper clip holder is ideal for bobby pins.

Bare Necessities

When it comes to towels – only have available what you need. Assuming that you do the laundry once a week, you will need two sets of towels per family member, and two sets for guests.

Stow and Storage

Small easily cleanable baskets are great for holding extra towels, toilet paper, even reading material. Make sure these items can be wiped with a wet cloth, as they can otherwise get quite dingy.

Optimize Your Space

Do you have an organizer above your toilet? If not, you should. This space is excellent for keeping extra hand towels, reading material, or glass canisters for holding cotton balls and Q-Tips. It’s also an excellent place for extra toilet paper, so that guests don’t have to ask when it runs out.

No More Cluttered Counter

Are there a lot of items on your sink counter? The obvious items need to stay – like hand soap and your toothbrush – but your hair brush, comb, razor and such can certainly find a new home under the sink.

Are you ready to organize your bathroom with a renovation?