Vanities make every bathroom better. While they may be just an arrangement of mirrors and sinks, the functionality vanities add to bathrooms is priceless. From getting ready in the morning to wash your face before bed, vanities are there for everything. Sometimes sharing a sink and mirror with someone else can be a little annoying, though. If you’re feeling like you’d want a space dedicated to yourself in your own bathroom, then a double vanity seems like the perfect addition for you. However, vanities come in a humongous range of different sizes and designs. Check out our list of the double vanity design ideas you need to curate your dream bathroom for two.

Build a Plan For Your Bathroom

Before you go and take a sledgehammer to the place, take a nice, long look at your current bathroom. Assess things like the inclusion of natural boundaries and the spatial limitations of your vanity. If you possess a bathroom with a great deal of natural light seeping through, then make sure to leave your windows unaffected. The point of a double vanity isn’t to remodel your bathroom, it’s about accentuating your bathroom’s best features advantageously.

Keep It Consistent

Bathroom vanities don’t take up too much room, with most of them occupying no more than a corner of your bathroom space. This means that when designing your double vanity, make sure that the design you have in mind complements the rest of your bathroom’s color scheme.

Double Vanity Design: Widen Your Sink

If you have the spac