Bathroon designs in Oakville and Burlington

The Signs That Are Telling You It’s Time For a Bathroom Renovation

Have you been telling yourself, “it’s functional, it’s fine,” for far too long when it comes to your bathroom? Now you’re sitting at home noticing all of the things that have added up over time? You’re in the right place with Opal Baths and Design. We are a team of bathroom renovation experts providing everything from small bathroom repairs to full-scale bathroom designs and renovations in Burlington and Oakville.

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Small Bathroom Designs and Renovation Ideas to Make Yours Look Bigger

Is it the size of your bathroom that’s bothering you and you’re thinking it’s not possible to change without undertaking a large bathroom renovation? You’re not stuck! There are many small bathroom renovations you can make to make your bathroom feel larger. Bathroom design such as updating the paint to a neutral tone or white will help. Another small bathroom renovation idea is to add tile all the way up to the ceiling. This way, your eye won’t break the wall into separate pieces. Adding a large mirror in is another great way to create the illusion of more space. For more small bath renovation ideas, visit our blog here.

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

Is your small bathroom no longer functional due to clutter? This is an easy fix. Kitchen drawer organizers will help you make your own at home small bathroom renovation. Plus, you can “redesign” the medicine cabinet by throwing away old, expired medicine. In this blog by Opal Baths and Design, we talk about 10 different organization tips for small bathrooms. We hope our small bathroom renovation design ideas help you reorganize your space.

Bathroom Renovation Estimate

If you are considering a bathroom renovation in your Burlington or Oakville home, and you are looking to hire professional bathroom designs and renovations team, then