Sharing a bathroom might be a reality, and one that might frustrate you for years to come. Whether you are sharing your bathroom with a sibling, a roommate, or a spouse – or refereeing arguments over bathroom time amongst your kids – there are challenges to sharing a bathroom that our team, at Opal Baths, can help you navigate. We have bathroom design ideas to make the “sharing is caring” saying ring true.

Bathroom Design Ideas Guaranteed to Make Sharing Bathrooms More Bearable

With years of experience and hundreds of horror stories from clients, we’ve come to become experts in how to maximize every inch of space to make bathrooms work for everyone. Here are some of our favourite tried and tested tips:

Make a Schedule: While you can’t schedule emergencies, you can schedule your morning and night time routines. Remember to be flexible and considerate. If your roommate needs to switch times for an important early-morning business meeting or a hot date, try to accommodate. You would want the same courtesy if the roles were reversed. Plus, make a schedule for cleaning the bathroom… and stick to it.

Organize: How much time do you waste each day looking for items in an over-crowded bathroom drawer? Could you imagine if everything in your bathroom had a dedicated spot? Implement some simple tricks that keep things organized.

  • Kitchen utensil organizers can be used in the bathroom to help organize toiletries
  • Magazine racks work to hold all sorts of items when attached to the inside of doors
  • Use empty toilet paper rolls to keep cords organized
  • Roll towels and place in baskets hung on walls… not only functional, but acts as artwork too

Clean Up After Yourself: Even if it isn’t your turn to “clean” the bathroom, make sure you tidy up after yourself. Not only will it help avoid any unnecessary arguments, but it will likely help ensure your roommate/sibling also cleans up after themselves. Think about picking clothes up off the ground, putting away the hairdryer after use, giving the sink a quick wipe down, and replacing or re-stocking empty toilet paper rolls. A simple 30-second job could save hours of frustration.

Clear Counter Space: Getting everything off the counters can help limit the visual stress of sharing a bathroom. This can be the ultimate challenge if your vanity space is limited. Try basket shelves and magazine holders for the walls to keep things up and off the counters, and tiered baskets work wonders to maximize vertical space on counter tops.

Shower Space: A pet peeve we often hear repeated is that we have too many bottles in our shower and they slide off the ledge. A simple hack we love to keep things in order is to use a mesh shoe bag and hang it on your sturdy shower rod… the pockets make great storage for bottles, razors, shower puffs, etc… One with multiple pockets means that everyone can have their own dedicated space.

While we’ve shared a few of our favourite bathroom hacks, the best remedy for a shared bathroom is to work with a bathroom design specialist in to create a bathroom that works from the start. Small or large, a bathroom that works well, simply saves time and frustration for everyone.

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