Need a New Bathroom Design Idea for 2020? We Got You

The concept of open showers is a new trend that has become quite popular over the years. Now the decision to be made is whether or not you want to have a bathtub or an open shower in your new bath renovation. Open showers can be great for saving space, easy accessibility and there are plenty of design options. However, if you like to relax with a nice bubble bath or have children who may be using the bathroom – installing a bathtub may be the way to go. Or – you can have both! Whichever you decide, Opal Baths & Design will be sure to help and meet all your design needs. 

Surviving a Bath Renovation

Bathroom renovations can be extremely overwhelming – especially if you are doing it all yourself. Working with experienced professionals can help relieve some of the stress and ensure that everything goes smoothly with your bathroom renovation. At Opal Baths & Design, we take care of the design, planning and construction! If you are interested in having a smooth bathroom remodelling, call us at 289-768-8578 to speak with a design expert.

Bathroom Design Ideas Can Be Tough – Get Some Inspiration

There are so many different routes that you can take when it comes to bathroom design ideas. If you’re looking for some trendy inspiration, our gallery is a great place to check out some modern bathroom ideas. Our blog also features some bathroom design trends that were on the radar this year. Hopefully this will give you the creativity that you need to help decide what you want your bathroom space to look like.

Boost Your Design with Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

There are so many ways to boost the design and appeal of your bathroom – even if it’s a small space. Try using features such as corner vanities, open shelves, and sliding shower doors. These are great ways to make sure your bath is stylish while still maximizing your space. Adding horizontal designs, or colourful tiles are great ways to make the space seem larger than it actually is. Call a design expert at Opal Baths today to chat about some small bath renovation ideas and how we can exceed your goals. 

Renovating Your Bathrooms Burlington & Oakville

Here at Opal Baths, we are focussed on giving you the bathroom of your dreams! We are here to help you by offering complete bathroom renovations, to custom bathroom design and vanity installation. We want to work closely with you to ensure that we are meeting all of your expectations with flying colours. If you are looking for bathroom remodelling in Burlington or Oakville, please contact Opal Baths to talk to an expert or fill out this form below.