Need a New Bathroom Design Idea for 2020? We Got You

There is a lot to figure out when working on bath remodelling. This includes how to make your bathroom renovations more efficient and sustainable. These eco-friendly decisions can stem from what materials you are choosing for your fixtures and tiles. Also, reducing your water consumption with low-flush toilets and shower heads, and energy saving with LED or natural lighting.  It is indeed possible to design a Burlington bathroom that is both eco-friendly and beautiful at the same time! For more information on how to add an eco-friendly flair to your bath remodelling, check out our blog.

Complete Bath Remodelling in Oakville & Burlington

At Opal Baths & Design, we take a detailed approach to every bath remodelling project that we take on. We take pride in our work and ensure that the homeowner’s vision is met with outstanding bathroom results. We have the quality products and services to provide you with complete bath renovations from plumbing, electrical, tiling, and design. If you are in Burlington or Oakville and are looking for a complete bathroom remodel or even a small-scale bathroom upgrade, Opal Baths & Design is here for you! Check out our services or give us a call at 289-768-8578.

Here’s How to Update Your Burlington Bathroom

Opal Baths & Design is here whether you want total bath remodelling, small bathroom renovation, or simply just bathroom design ideas. Our blog talks about updating accessories, adding storage, painting or wallpapering, and adding new fixtures as great ways to add a spark to your bathroom if you aren’t quite ready for a full remodel commitment.