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5 Bathroom Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Considering remodelling your bathroom this year and need some inspiration? These five bathroom design trends will give you the creativity you need to help decide what your space should look like! From earthy accents to open shower concepts, these trends will be sure to add to your design, functionality, and overall appeal of your new [...]

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Building a New Bathroom? Check the Ventilation

This advice applies to any bathroom renovation, and indeed kitchens as well. We're not talking about the ventilation of the air in the bathroom itself. We mean the ventilation of the various plumbing drain lines in your home. Often, vent lines are impacted during kitchen and bathroom remodelling and it's good to know in advance [...]

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Resource-Saving Tips for the Bathroom

Making your bathroom more energy efficient is a great way to help increase the overall efficiency of your home. Many prospective homebuyers are looking for greater efficiency, so a few modifications and upgrades could even make a difference if you are thinking of selling. Also, it just feels good to do your part to conserve! [...]

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Tips for Designing Your Best Bathroom Layout

Remodelling a bathroom brings the promise of a spacious oasis of comfort and relaxation as you bask in your open shower, soak in the oversized tub, or spend a leisurely day pampering yourself in your home spa. The possibilities may be endless; however, the available space and your budget may not be. So, invariably, there [...]

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Keeping a Lid on Waste in the Bathrooom

Products we use in the bathroom tend to come with more plastic and cardboard packaging than any other consumable products you purchase regularly. Factor in that a substantial amount of green waste is also produced in the bathroom, and it is clear that the bathroom is a great place to focus on reducing your household [...]

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Why Your Next Bathroom Needs an Open Shower

For several years now, open showers have been a popular trend in bathroom design. The spacious feel and ease of care of open showers make it a great choice if you have the room in your bathroom to accommodate one. Here are some other reasons that your next bathroom should have an open shower.  Do [...]

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6 Ways to Create More Storage in Your Bathroom

It doesn't matter how big your bathroom is; storage always seems to be an issue. It could be because towels and laundry baskets are bulky items to store, or simply that we tend to use a lot of stuff in the bathroom. However, having adequate storage helps keep everything tidy and makes cleaning easier. Whether [...]

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Tips for Surviving a Bathroom Renovation

Remodelling projects can be a trying experience for homeowners. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually the most perilous because of the disruption and inconvenience that occurs when these areas are out of commission. We have been designing and renovating bathrooms in Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington since 1983 - that's hundreds of completed projects! Based on our [...]

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Add Colour and Boost Your Mood with Plants in the Bathroom

Bathroom Plants can add a wonderful splash of colour to an otherwise monochrome room, but did you know that plants can also be functional in the bathroom? Plants help to improve the air quality, improve your mental state, and reduce dampness. Whether with or without natural light, there should always be a place for plants [...]

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