The most common place to fall is the bathroom and it often leads to hospital visits due to the hard and slippery surfaces. We put together a list of accessible bathroom renovations to help prevent falls for seniors or those struggling with various disabilities. Here are three ways you can make your bathroom more accessible if you are considering it.

1.Grab Bars

Grab bars are a small bathroom renovation that will help prevent bathroom falls and provide stability. They can be installed both inside and outside the shower, near the toilet and bathtub. The height and angle of the grab bar are customized to fit your needs. If you are going to be installing one, be sure that it is installed into the wall studs.

2.Higher Toilets

Accessible toilets are designed to make it easier for people with physical disabilities to stand up by providing a higher toilet seat. They are generally 17-19 inches high. Accessible toilets require more floor space to allow the user to maneuver, or to give their caregiver room. If you are considering one, be sure to measure first to check that you will have enough room.

3.Zero Threshold Showers

If you have been experiencing difficulty entering and exiting the shower, a zero threshold shower is the best bathroom renovation to make. You will transform your bathroom to completely eliminate the threshold that separates the shower area. This means that wheelchair users can be rolled right in or that there won’t be a barrier in the way to trip and fall on. This style of shower is helpful for users with various physical abilities and is a worthwhile investment.

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