At Opal Baths, we’re committed to working with our clients to turn their dream bathroom into reality. For this bathroom renovation, we had the opportunity to work alongside our client’s designer. While their designer had an overall vision in mind, we worked together to create a space that the clients loved!

Curious to learn about the elements of a showpiece bathroom? We get into the details below.

A Luxury Custom Vanity

Our client’s goal was to have a luxurious space that would serve their needs but still make a statement. In addition, our client’s priority was to have areas to showcase the bathroom and remain functional and timeless. To deliver this request, we focused on custom pieces. For example, we added a full-length vanity. This luxury bathroom renovation optimizes space by offering tons of options for storage and doesn’t make the area look heavy. The goal was to add levels of luxury that enhanced their bathroom experience. After all, this is the space that homeowners spend their mornings and evenings in. Complemented by a wall-to-wall mirror and double sinks, this vanity is a showstopper!

It’s All About the Details

To add to the luxury of the custom vanity, we wanted to add more light to showcase this piece. We added lighting underneath the vanity, and sconces were mounted on the mirrors to add to the overall look. The combination of lighting under the vanity and sconces improves the lighting and adds another layer of luxury. However, the details of the vanity area don’t stop there! The designer and homeowner opted for a dark accent colour above the mirror to tie into the colours of the spa-like shower! Both the homeowners and designer wanted to have pops of colour to elevate the space. We think the accent paint above the mirror does just that.

Creating Areas of Interest

Our clients and their designer were committed to creating a bathroom design that had areas of interest. These are the spots that your eyes are drawn to as you enter this space! In addition to the custom vanity, two other showpieces tie this luxurious space altogether.

The Built-In Tub

The custom built-in tub framed in front of the window adds to the bathroom aesthetic while also helping to create space. Nothing is more relaxing than hopping into a bath with a view of the outdoors! With the birds chirping and the whistling wind, you’re sure to have a spa-like experience. These homeowners don’t need to worry about privacy as their window blinds help to provide all the seclusion they need! While the built-in tub is a statement piece alone, the bathtub surround receives an additional spark from the tile detailing. The bathtub surround provides an accent detail that helps to highlight this area of the bathroom.

The Walk-In Shower

The final showpiece is the custom shower. The walk-in shower includes a focal stone accent wall that makes these homeowners feel like they’re at a spa retreat! The stone accent wall ties together other aspects of the room including, the accent paint above the mirror, the vanity and flooring. The natural stone is a statement piece on its own but paired with the statement shower – this is luxury at its finest.

Heated Floors Add a Layer of Coziness

Last but not least, this luxurious bathroom renovation includes heated flooring! Not only does this element add to the extravagance of the space, but it also serves a purpose. Heated floors help to provide additional warmth during the colder winter months.

Luxury Meets Custom Design

Opal Baths, our clients and their designer were able to work seamlessly to create a luxurious bathroom that is spacious, functional and extravagant.

At Opal Baths & Design , we specialize in bathroom designs and renovations. Our job is to work with clients to create the bathroom of their dreams.

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