Bath renovations are a major undertaking, so if you’ve been putting yours off for ages, you’re definitely not alone. Once you step into your freshly renovated bathroom, however, you’ll wish you did it earlier! If you’re experiencing any of the situations below, take this as a sign to get started on your bath renovation ASAP – and don’t worry, Opal Baths will take all of the work out of it for you.

1. There’s visible damage, cracking, or leaking

Let’s get the obvious points out of the way first. If you can hear your tap dripping all night long or if your tiling is starting to crack in multiple places, it’s time for a bathroom renovation. This type of damage can only be put on the back-burner for so long before you pull the trigger and start looking for new bathroom designs.

2. You’re getting ready to list the property

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market and you still have outdated bathrooms, now is definitely the time to get on top of that bathroom redesign that you’ve been putting off. Nothing turns potential buyers off like a bathroom that doesn’t look up to standard compared to other homes in the area. Give your home a little financial boost by investing in proper bathroom renovations. Trust us, your real estate agent, the buyers, and your wallet will thank you.

3. You’re dealing with mould

While not uncommon in the average bathroom, mould and mildew are serious issues that need to be dealt with immediately. Often caused by stagnant air or excessive moisture, it can creep up in all the smallest crevices of your bathroom. If there’s mould anywhere in your bathroom – and this includes your shower curtains and your ceiling, where it sometimes collects – run, don’t walk to your nearest bathroom outfitter. Mould is not only unpleasant, but it can also be damaging to your health and could be the sign of a bigger problem.

4. The space feels cramped

As expert bathroom installers, we understand the value of a good bathroom layout. Whether your bathroom hasn’t been remodelled since your house was built or the last renovation was poorly planned, a bad layout can get in the way of you enjoying the space to the fullest. Even if you’re working on a small bathroom renovation, it should still feel like there’s room to breathe, and you know… do your business.

5. You’re noticing a funky smell

No, we’re not talking about that kind of smell, but rather the kind that’s persistent and seems to linger no matter how many times you pull out the air freshener. Ultimately, this could be a sign of issues with the plumbing, poor air circulation, or something else that requires your attention beneath the surface.

6. There’s a lack of storage space

Especially important in a major bathroom, like your ensuite bathroom – if you have nowhere to hang your towel or store your toiletries, it’s time to rethink your bathroom designs. Storage space should be a necessity, not a luxury, so speak to your bathroom designer about making the area more useable for everyone.

7. Your toilet seat still has a shag trim

Let’s be honest, that pink, fuzzy trim never did much for function or fashion, so if you’re still holding on to bathroom trends from the 1980s, we’re here to let you down gently, by letting you know it’s time to move on.

Opal Baths Is Your Partner For Bath Renovations

If you’re in need of a bathroom makeover, let Opal Baths be your trusted partner. We remodel bathrooms big and small and are ready to take on your next project whenever you are. Whether you want to brainstorm bathroom renovation ideas together or you know exactly what you want, contact us to get started today!

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