Are you looking for some easy bathroom renovation ideas?

Want to add some designer flare, or take advantage of a small bathroom or half bath? Here are some excellent bathroom renovation ideas on making the most out of what you have.

  1. Break out the paintbrush

There are many ways to paint your bathroom to make it look bigger, and/or to add some character. One idea is to paint horizontal stripes along a wall – this optical illusion makes the walls stretch out farther, which will in turn increase the visual size of the room. You can also use bright colours to give the room some pizzazz, like grass green or royal blue.

  1. Fixtures are fun

One simple way to upgrade your bathroom is to change out the fixtures. Customize the faucet in your sink, or add a rainshower head. You can also swap out the knobs to your cabinet doors; not only are these easy to switch, your local hardware store should have a wide variety of choices, everything from simple leaves to lion heads. Or check out our Bathroom Showroom.

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  1. Fashionable flooring

Small bathrooms renovation ideas need not be boring; in fact, this goes for regular-sized bathrooms as well. Add some fashion to your flooring by choosing tiles with texture, or a mosaic with colours that complement or contrast your wall colours. The sky – or really, the floor – is the limit with the available options out there.

  1. Space – the bathroom frontier

Have an empty wall in your bathroom that does absolutely nothing? Why not add some shelving, excellent for reading material or the odd scented candle or two. Space is something always needed in a bathroom, whether it be for towels, toiletries or the ubiquitous TP.

  1. Murals – not just for businesses

Murals, or large posters, are readily available. From scenic pictures of the Eiffel Tower or a white sand beach with crystal blue water, these images are great for sprucing up a bathroom. Just choose a poster large enough to cover your wall, and trim out holes for necessary plumbing, etc.

  1. Wall-to-wall design

Wall coverings of any sort can make a statement; wallpaper, especially, has come a long way from cabbage roses and stripes. Choose colours and a design that speak to you, and fit within the space. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also combine complementing types of coverings.

  1. Mirror, mirror on the wall …

Whose bathroom is trendiest of all? Mirrors are the old “go-to” to dressing up a room – or increasing it size. Why? Because it works. If you choose to install a mirror (or two), keep in mind that you don’t have to “keep it simple.” There are beautifully framed mirrors out there, or mirrors in the shape of waves. The key? Find something that fits, and looks good.

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