It doesn’t matter how big your bathroom is; storage always seems to be an issue. It could be because towels and laundry baskets are bulky items to store, or simply that we tend to use a lot of stuff in the bathroom. However, having adequate storage helps keep everything tidy and makes cleaning easier. Whether you are thinking about a bathroom remodel, or want to make an existing bathroom more functional, here are some ideas to create more storage.  

Create a Niche

Bathrooms often have dead wall space that isn’t useful for anything else, such as towel hooks or cabinets. Hollow out that space and add some floating shelves to create a niche that can be used to store all kinds of things, including towels, paper products, bottles, boxes or glass jars filled with smaller bathroom items.  

Hide the Laundry Basket

Keeping a laundry basket in the bathroom is handy but, if you don’t have a place to tuck it away, create one from one of those dead spaces. Create a cubby to fit the basket, or build in another solution such as a drawer or pull-out. This frees up floor space and makes your bathroom look and feel less cluttered. 

Repurpose Useful Furniture 

Almost any piece of furniture that has outlived its usefulness in other parts of the house can be used as additional storage in the bathroom. If you have the space for them, bookshelves, glass cabinets, old trunks, and wardrobes are excellent ways to additional create storage.   

Storage Around the Tub

Freestanding tubs are a popular trend in bathroom designs. But, how do you keep the items you need for a bath close at hand? The answer may be to build custom shelving or cabinets surrounding the tub. It’s an efficient use of otherwise lost space immediately around your bathtub.  

Storage Without a Vanity

Floating sinks are also a popular choice for a clean and modern look in new bathrooms. But losing the vanity means you also lose a lot of valuable storage space below it. Adding a couple of floating shelves can solve that problem, giving you a place to keep caddies, daily essentials and other small items while still keeping that open and airy feel. 

The Ultimate Storage Solution – Built-Ins

When renovating a bathroom, working built-in storage into the design is the ultimate way to increase your ability to keep everything you need handy while maintaining a tidy bathroom. Built-in storage can be hidden behind doors or left open, allowing you to incorporate decorative items like plants or baskets. Either way, built-ins provide a ton of additional storage in a room where you need it most. 

When everything has its place, it is easier to keep everything in its place. Your bathroom will feel more spacious and be easier to keep clean and uncluttered. Now, who doesn’t want that?

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