Looking to spice up your ensuite bathroom without having to do a total overhaul? We get it! Sometimes adding little upgrades here and there can do a lot to lift your spirits and create a more functional and enjoyable space, without the financial investment or time commitment of a full-on bath renovation.

1. Change up the bathroom vanity

Especially if you’re working on a small bathroom remodel, the bathroom vanity is likely a central part of your overall bathroom design. Switching out an older, more dated vanity for something modern, trendy, and in style will give your ensuite bathroom the instant facelift it deserves. Stylewise, there are many options available to you, so no matter what shape, size, or style you like, there’s something for everyone.

2. Install some new shelving

If you can squeeze more storage space into your bathroom without the area feeling too cramped, we recommend that you do it! And one great way to do this is to add a couple of floating shelves. These are often made of wood or glass, and can easily be purchased without requiring a hefty investment. Whether you choose to stack on them small decorations or use them to hold toiletries that won’t fit anywhere else, you’ll love this little addition that takes under an hour to complete.

3. Give your ensuite bathroom a fresh coat of paint

One of the oldest bathroom renovation ideas is to go down to your local hardware store and grab a can of paint for your bathroom. Go for something bold and bright or stick with neutral colours – no matter what you choose, a fresh coat of paint will instantly make you feel like you’re in a whole new space.

4. Refresh the light fixtures

If you’ve had the same light fixtures for years, there’s a good chance you don’t even notice them anymore. But once you see the selection that’s in stores today, you’ll be amazed by what you can do with something as small as an overhead light or a sconce. Plus, it never hurts to add lighting solutions that are softer and more flattering, so you can give yourself a little confidence boost when you look in the mirror!

5. Replace the faucets or install a new showerhead

Sometimes all it takes is something as small as a new showerhead to add a little oomph to your morning routine or nightly shower. If you previously had a plain showerhead with a single setting, trading up to one with multiple settings (like a massager or waterfall effect) will change things up, and is oftentimes something you can do yourself (DIY). The same goes for the faucet; if you had one that was leaking all night long or simply didn’t look stylish, we recommend checking out our Burlington showroom for a selection of faucets that are more in line with today’s trends.

Bathroom Upgrades – Spoil yourself with little extras

At the end of the day, when it comes to your ensuite bathroom, it never hurts to spoil yourself. If you don’t want to commit to a full-scale bathroom renovation, why not use your budget to treat yourself to something that you’ve always wanted. A fancy steam shower or heated flooring, for example, can make you feel like the king or queen of your castle, without having to start from scratch on your bathroom designs. So if you want it, we say, go for it!

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