Whether you’ve just started making upgrades, or daydreaming of a new bathroom, custom design bathroom renovations can make a big difference in your home. A custom bathroom reflects your style and creates a more functional space for the whole family. 

If you’re looking for a custom bathroom created for more than just practicality, keep reading! Here are 5 custom design bathroom renovations that will fill you with serenity!

1. Glass Walk-In Shower

Custom design bathroom renovations

If you’re looking for an open feel with a large walk-in shower, you’ll love this custom bathroom! Whether small, large, or mid-sized, glass can give your bathroom so much character! Glass enclosures complement almost every style of bathroom. If you love the idea of an open shower, but would like a little bit more privacy – tempered glass can be a great option. Regardless of what type, glass enclosures are perfect for preventing excess water from spreading, and are visually pleasing. Did we also mention that they are super easy to clean?

This trendy corner shower also features a timeless shower bench and wavy white ceramic tile. The tidal wave walls give the bathroom an ocean effect – who wouldn’t love that?

The wave walls and bench aren’t the only unique features of this bathroom design. We’ve also installed waterfall showerheads to maximize enjoyment! These highly functional showerheads are meant for people who want one thing: a relaxing and dreamy shower experience that feels like a day in the spa. Combined with earthy mosaic tiles, luxury, quality, and aesthetics came together to create the perfect custom bathroom! Our clients were very happy with the transition!

2. Earthy and Natural Ceramic Tile Wall

Custom design bathroom renovations

Any shape and texture is possible with ceramic tile, including natural materials like lake rocks. For this custom bathroom, our client asked us for a combination of mountain style and modern. To achieve this look, we’ve used travertine tiles and beige/brown tones in the design.

Tiles can come from all sorts of materials. 

Porcelain tiles are highly durable and water-resistant. Porcelain is a material that doesn’t hold to dirt or dust, making it perfect for people with allergies. It’s low maintenance and easy to cut – which makes it perfect for low-budget renovations.

Ceramic tiles can feature a glass coating that makes them shiny and durable. The glass coating helps resist scratches and stain – which makes it quite popular for bathrooms.

Mosaic tiles are one of the most commonly used materials in bathrooms and kitchens. They’re known to be resistant to moisture and heat – making them ideal for bathrooms. The textured surface makes it more slip-resistant.

We know that choosing a brand new material and style isn’t easy, so we’re here to help! Contact us for more information on bathroom tiles and materials!

3. Freestanding Tub

Walk-in shower and separate tub

For this bathroom remodel, we had the opportunity to install one of the most stylish and functional tubs ever, a freestanding tub! This large and trendy master features a luxury walk-in shower, a waterfall shower head, and large floor tiles to achieve a mix of modern and classic.

This stunning master suite compl